Keyword Research- The Backbone of Your Digital Strategy

Keyword Research is the fundamental building block of your digital strategy. Start looking at keyword research not just from the perspective of on-page optimizations for Google or Bing. Rather, keyword research is an opportunity for you to get into the head of your audience. To understand How they are searching for a product or service that you are offering. But what’s even more important is that in the process you also understand user intent – Why are certain search terms being used and What is the audience looking to find in response to that search.

Keyword Research helps you deliver a better marketing strategy. In this post, you can learn how to do keyword research using simple tools, But why bother about Keywords?

People have questions in their mind which they then translate into a search query. Different people searching for the same thing may use a different set of keywords. The No. 1 activity that people engage in when they are online is search and when they search, you want to be found.

So, what does a keyword generally constitute:

  • A need or a requirement
  • An idea and the user wants to find what what is out there
  • Research on a certain topic for the purpose of work or education

So, our goal in to deliver the right information to our target audience. This will be based on a clear picture of what search terms are most commonly used.

Keyword Lifecycle

The goal of your keyword research exercise needs to be to:

  • Find Keywords that best match the searcher to your business
  • Evaluate Keywords and understanding which ones are more important than the other
  • Prioritize Keywords and build a strategy around those keywords
  • Integrate keywords into your website
  • Measure Keywords to ensure that you are on the right track with your keyword strategy.
Natasha Aguiar

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