Why is Marketing Automation a Guaranteed Winner?

The latest buzzword is Marketing Automation – a platform, usually software, that measures, streamlines and automates marketing tasks and workflows. Automation is an excellent tool for increased efficiency, revenue generation and enhanced sales support. Marketing workflows include email marketing, cross-channel marketing, lead generation, segmentation, measuring ROI and more. As your company grows, it will not be possible to manage your customer connections one-to-one manually. This is where automation comes in and it makes your life easier and helps you to build on potential leads.

Here are some reasons why you need marketing automation:

1) Ensures your leads are looked after

Do you have a fancy sign up form on your page that gets filled by hundreds of potential customers per day?

What happens after that?

Most of the time no one follows up with these leads. Marketing automation streamlines this process by immediately sending a follow-up email – keeping the initial momentum going.

2) You can identify key customers

Automation tools can track an analyse your target segment’s behaviour, giving you critical information on customers that you should focus on and their personas.

3) Lead nurturing

Marketing automation provides excellent support for your sales team through lead nurturing.

It is rare for customers to buy at one go. Building trust is necessary to create conversions. Lead nurturing encourages customers to buy as they get useful marketing material over and over again.

4) Enhances Engagement and Loyalty

Through automation, you can correctly identify every touch point of your target customer and engage with them. The touch points could be emails, social media, SMS and more. If your messages are delivered within the right context, customers are more likely to buy.

To engage your customers, you will need to identify their persona and customize their message. You can automate your feedback processes as well, to get valuable customer comments. This will encourage customer loyalty.

5) Upsell and cross-sell

Marketing automation makes upselling and cross-selling much simpler. For example, if a customer purchased a mobile phone from your online store, that same person could be looking for speakers, accessories and more. Automation allows you to send a timely offer to the customer for related products. This tailor-made promotion is much more targeted than a blast approach and is bound to generate more revenue

Natasha Aguiar

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