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Dubai Association Center

Dubai Association Centre is a non-profit association dedicated to bringing associations around the world together and helping them set up in Dubai. Our partnership with Dubai Association Centre began in 2019, primarily for the scope of content development.

Open Project

After multiple brain-storming sessions with the Dubai Association Centre team, we identified key content pillars that would help drive their social media objectives: Create global awareness about Dubai Association Centre and grow memberships. Thought leadership and curated content that were of interest to the association community were also published periodically to establish Dubai Association Centre’s knowledge and expertise in the association domain. Our efforts have helped grow DAC’s follower base by over 60% and we are on track to increase the rate of growth.


The Markathon team regularly documented key DAC events like the quarterly roundtable discussions, Meet DAC events and also DAC’s annual conference which garners international attention and is attended in large numbers by delegates from all across the globe. While in-person events saw a decline in 2020 owing to the COVID-19 situation, we conducted many virtual interviews with leaders in the association community and provided a steady flow of content that was relevant. As an agency, we were able to evolve, adapt and deliver in the face of unforeseen circumstances and this has helped us stay consistent in delivering quality results for all our customers.