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You can generate traffic from tons of sources. Before diving into various strategies that we can use to drive more traffic to your website. It’s strongly recommended that you set up Google Analytics for your website. Analytics is really powerful because it helps you dig deep into your data and understand your audience. You are in a better position to determine what works for you and what doesn’t based on facts and data rather than basing them on judgement or popular opinions.

Here’s a quick video that you can use to set up Google Analytics for your website right away

The data available on Google Analytics can be overwhelming at first but here is one of piece of information that is very useful. Under the acquisition tab, you can observe all the channels that are driving traffic to your website. Are visitors finding you through organic search, social media or paid ads. And which traffic source is giving you the best conversions.

Traffic Sources

WordPress powers nearly 30% of all websites and 59% of websites using a Content Management System(CMS). It is undoubtedly the best CMS when it comes to SEO. If you are already using WordPress, you are starting on the right note. And, There are tons of plugins that make your job easier to manage on-page SEO. Yoast has to be one of the best in this category. Google looks for robots.txt and XML sitemaps when it is crawling your website. These aspects are automatically taken care of when you use Yoast. It also offers you a step-by-step guide to connect your website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

WordPress Market Share
WordPress – Market Share

Content Marketing has the biggest impact on your search rankings

How well and how often you produce content and update your website has to be the single most important factor in determining your success with SEO. Do your keyword research, learn what your audience is looking for, discover content that is popular within your industry and get started with your SEO Content Strategy. In fact, SEO is always sometimes referred to as OC/DC i.e. Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversions.

You can use our Content Factory services to formulate a content strategy and ensure that you are on track with publishing quality, relevant and engaging content. Markathon has the largest pool of content writers specializing in various domains. 

In an effort to optimize content for keywords and search rankings, one must not forget the real purpose of producing content is to provide answers. It is not enough to simply drive more traffic to your website. We need the audience to engage with our content and ultimately convert into leads.