Content marketing

Before we start, we want to ask you a question. How many of you have flipped or browsed through the net today and a read piece of content or watched a video?

Most likely all of you.

It’s now a standard practice to create and push content on the internet for various purposes. It could be to disseminate information about your brand, let people know about the latest trends and news, or anything else. The bottom line is that content matters and will matter for a long time.

However, most companies do not have a proper content marketing strategy in place.

There are three pillars of content marketing which we will discuss in detail – Content Creation, Content Curation and Content distribution.

Content Creation

This is pretty self-explanatory, but companies fail to get this right. By placing too much emphasis on what your business is about, rather than what value you can add to your target audience, you are losing out on potential leads. You need to ensure that your content connects with the audience and interests them. In the age of technology, attention spans are lower than what they were before. Your content should be relatable, precise, emotional and engaging to hold your viewer’s attention.

content creation

Content Curation

Creating a stock of content is only the beginning. Next is curating the material in a streamlined and organized fashion to make the most out of it. Content Hubs are the perfect platforms for you to collate your content in a unified manner. In this way, your audience will not have to visit multiple sources to source information about your company.

Content Distribution:

Content distribution refers to the channels or mediums used to promote your content, in an attempt to reach out to the right audience. If you are promoting your content on a platform that does not have the right audience,  your content creation efforts are bound to generate unsatisfactory results. A basic research on social media platforms and which platform has better potential for your service/target audience is pivotal to the success of your content-marketing strategy.