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Impressive Content: The Distinguishing Factor Between Mediocre And Extraordinary

Imagine a scenario where an attractive, well-dressed person with looks to die for makes eye contact with you at a party. He/she smiles at you and then gracefully covers the length of the room and is now standing right in front of you with a dazzling smile on his/her face. Your heart rate is off the charts and the anticipation is making you swoon.

Just when you think it cannot get any better he/she decides to speak and that is when the first wave of disappointment hits you. His/her tone and voice are both monotonous and though you would like to think of yourself as a non-judgmental person, his/her speech is riddled with way too many grammatical inconsistencies to wave off. He/she is being repetitive, and you can sense a slight element of sarcasm in his tone, which is putting you off. As you wait for him to finish his boring bantering and move on, you have only one thing on your mind: How did this presentable, good looking person, who from afar seemed like the package deal and a real catch, turn out to be so unimpressive and dull?

The same example is applicable to the vast domains of digital marketing and social media management. Many companies have digital marketing strategies that have been planned to perfection and executed in a remarkable, praiseworthy fashion. Social media campaigns have excellent, top-notch graphics with admirable designs. They are well-packaged and presented and are visually very appealing. Despite achieving these great feats, most companies and individuals fall short of their desired results because they do not pay enough attention to the crux of all digital marketing and social media strategy: Content.

The role of consistently good content cannot be overstated in any given setting. Here are a few tips that can help you create exemplary content for your digital marketing or social media requirements:

1. Make sure you have a clear message

Before you begin to write any form of content, ask yourself what the objective of your content is. Is it to create awareness or to increase engagement? Is it to drive sales or build awareness about a brand? Once you have narrowed down on an objective, choose a suitable tone that best represents your objective. A tone can be conversational, educative, anticipatory or one that gets your reader excited.

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2. Don’t boggle your reader with too many statistics

While it may be tempting to provide your reader with as much information as possible, it is advised to exercise restraint and provide information that is only vital to your message. The tendency to burden your reader with extra information is a trend that can be observed in a lot of blog posts. While it is important to educate your reader, you don’t want to drive people away with too many heavy facts. So, when the urge to bombard your reader with convincing facts strikes next, remember that there is a reason he came to your blog and not an encyclopedia.

3. Create content that is thought-provoking

As a content creator, you have to understand that what you want to write about, has already been written by a hundred different people in a hundred different ways. If you want your content to truly stand out, you need to find something that has not been said before. Whether it is a one-liner or a full-length blog post, you need to ensure that your content heightens the senses of your readers and takes them down a path that is thought-provoking. While it is your responsibility as a writer to provide answers, you also want your reader to ask new questions.

4. Add an element of humor wherever possible

While I understand that humor is not an aspect that can be included in every sentence or social media post, saying something witty or writing a funny anecdote could actually fetch you brownie points. At the end of the day, everybody enjoys a good laugh as it is a refreshing break from the daily grind of worries.

5Take your reader on a journey

Content creation should be synonymous with story-telling. There should be a central theme and a thought flow that follows a logical pattern or sequence. You need to be compelling and convincing at every point and get your reader to be emotionally invested. The length of your content is not of much significance, but the power of your content delivery is what will set you apart and make your content experience memorable for your reader.

6Always proofread

As a content creator, failing to proofread your blog post/social media post is a cardinal sin that has no forgiveness in the world of digital marketing. Even an error as small as a typo has the potential to take away from your credibility. Make sure to proofread your writing or have someone you trust do it for you. Ensure that your spellcheck is always turned on.

In conclusion, remember that though it is important to know the rules of content creation, there may come a time when you need to break all the rules and come up with something that is beyond belief but will work for your company/brand. When that day comes, I hope to read another insightful blogpost. Until then, follow the above guidelines and you should be on your way to creating thought-provoking and interesting content.